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Where is The 0161 Area Code?

0161 is the area code of Manchester.

Reported Phone Calls in 0161 Area Code

D watkins 4 hours, 42 minutes ago
Didn't answer call!
Sarah 5 hours, 5 minutes ago
Just had a call from this number, its a broadband comparison company. I just renewed my broadband 2 weeks ago, so I'm not sure where they got my number from.
Abbie 5 hours, 36 minutes ago
Just moved to Australia and they are calling 3 times as day
Shannel 5 hours, 38 minutes ago
I received a call from this number who claimed they called MR John Loans, the person I spoke to introduced him as David. He stated they were a legitimate Loan Company and had recei...
Bruno 5 hours, 40 minutes ago
Same here, this calls multiple time a day. They claim that I have been involved in car accident in the past two year. Which is news to me. Exdirectory and TPS registered for 15 yea...
Joseph Shambrook 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
Hung up as soon as I answered.
M.b 6 hours, 13 minutes ago
I had the same thing apart from it was I different company name supposedly something to do with debt , when I asked how they got my number they put the phone down
Lisa 6 hours, 58 minutes ago
just had a phonecall too and also got hung up on when I told him for the third time I was going to upgrade Instore. he was also trying to get me to take a sim only contract until I...
Chris 9 hours, 3 minutes ago
The Company is called Kensington and they are a Debt Management Company. They left a voicemail asking me to call 0800 783 5650.
phil b 11 hours, 43 minutes ago
I had a call from this number saying they can offer me a SIM contract I said I'm happy with payg then the woman said I was wasting her time and got aggressive so I hung up not...
Mike 20 hours, 35 minutes ago
Left a message asking me to call them back, ( hahahahahahahaha, yea, of course I will ). It's Robinson Way, debt collectors.
Angie 20 hours, 54 minutes ago
I got a call today saying I was having trouble with my credit rating. They knew my married name ice only been married a month
Anonymous 1 day ago
Had a call from Pensions Watch offering advice on personal pensions. I told him I work in the pensions industry. He then had the cheek to ask me what I would advise myself to do! T...
Adam 1 day ago
How do i stop them calling before I do something crazy!!?!? They are driving me mad, how do i block them???
S. Kennedy 1 day ago
It's a call centre in Manchester...the idea is the phone operative dials all the numbers for his/her leads/targets at the same time through their computer so he/she speaks to ...
Anonymous 1 day ago
Where did this call originate from?
Mrs white 1 day, 1 hour ago
Keep getting calls from this number- at very unsociable times
I decline all calls i dont recognise- but when i rang back- they dont even tell you on there message who or what they...
Lord David 1 day, 1 hour ago
Had calls from this number rings three times a day hangs up. No idea who they are.
Melvin Hurley 1 day, 2 hours ago
Keep calling me and all I can hear is Hello Hello and background discussions been going on for weeks on my mobile number
Matthew 1 day, 2 hours ago
Got a voicemail from this number. Couldn't quite make out what they said because it was a Manchester accent and I'm from South England. They said they were calling from &...
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