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Where is Area Code 0161

0161 is the area code of Manchester.

Reported Phone Calls in 0161 Area Code

Stephen 4 hours, 32 minutes ago
Received call and my answering machine pick up.
the message was a bell tone and then a woman's voice "Good bye"
Al Mac 6 hours ago
My 14 yr old daughter answered a call from this number only to hear heavy breathing
johnc 6 hours, 25 minutes ago
calls me constantly - I noticed often at 20:15 but only a few rings - they have been calling for several weeks and if I answer they hang up. These constant calls have caused me to ...
Santino 7 hours, 50 minutes ago
Called but left no message. Strange
Crazzzi 8 hours, 6 minutes ago
They are a debt collection company chasing debts that have either been passed to them or they have bought to collect
kay 8 hours, 23 minutes ago
I had 7 calls from them today, 4 yesterday and several throughout the week. There is no answer when I pick up. This is harrasment and they should be prosecuted. They also use varia...
Colin 8 hours, 25 minutes ago
Keep getting call from this number, never ring long enough to answer, don't want the calls so will block number,
alex 9 hours, 7 minutes ago
Had a missed call from this number around 4pm,I take it by everyones comments its one of these annoying calls. Sick of these calls now,will have to start charging them for wasting ...
V 9 hours, 14 minutes ago
A man who was hard to understand called me asking why I hadn't claimed for the accident I had. He said when I completed my insurance application I would have said I had an acc...
john 9 hours, 32 minutes ago
Some mobile phone company offering upgrades
anne 10 hours, 5 minutes ago
I received 3 calls from this number today, 01612448123.
the first 2 were missed calls and the 3rd was a voicemail, or should I say a screechmail, like someone screeching over the ...
Dev 10 hours, 6 minutes ago
Just had similar call. Scam. Block this number.
Smurfette 10 hours, 21 minutes ago
This number has shown up on my phone every working day for about 3 weeks now. Never leaves a message. Sometimes calls more than once in a day. No-one answers if you call back. Very...
anon 10 hours, 35 minutes ago
Have called 6 times in lsst 2 weeks. Do not give me long enough to answer
John Birch 11 hours, 5 minutes ago
cold call from Total Debt Relief man called Chris Allen
Stuart 11 hours, 6 minutes ago
Keep calling but don't speak when I answer. Perhaps they haven't been trained how to talk yet.
David Mercer 11 hours, 7 minutes ago
keep getting nuisance calls from 01618500288 to both my home and mobile number.
Don't know who they are and when I did answer there was no person to speak to
Gareth 11 hours, 46 minutes ago
I agree with Kiara!
I dread to think where they find these people. PII miss-selling company called HYC. Can't believe that businesses like this are still trading and not shut...
Anonymous 12 hours, 4 minutes ago
had 6 calls today pissed off
Anne 12 hours, 40 minutes ago
this is some sort of debt collection agency don't owe any money to any person sick to death of the phonecalls I just ignore them.
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