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Where is The 0161 Area Code?

0161 is the area code of Manchester.

Reported Phone Calls in 0161 Area Code

tan 25 minutes ago
I had this number ring me today telling me I won the Tesco completion I had entered witch I only entered as Google kept taking me to it and wouldn't let me use any thing else,...
Malgorzata Siekierzycka 40 minutes ago
This is an outrage. They keep calling me up to 3 times a day. i told them to take me off the calling list and they said they will. Next time they called I asked them what happened ...
Claire 53 minutes ago
No mesaage
janine 1 hour, 11 minutes ago
My kids live telling these what they've been doing at school :)
RMB 1 hour, 22 minutes ago
These are really irritating, calling my mobile all hours of the day, even late Sunday evenings? No idea how they've got my number. Says "Insurance Factory" but this ...
Matthew 1 hour, 45 minutes ago
yep, just had a call off of these too, there was no response just no sound with a slight mumbling in the background
Robert Picken 2 hours, 37 minutes ago
I have been getting several called a day over a period of two weeks with this number , it so annoying , how can it be stopped ?
Doug 2 hours, 44 minutes ago
Just had a call from this lot myself....won't take no for an answer so you have to put the phone down!
The easiest answer I have found is to register yourself with the TPS (l...
Matt 2 hours, 47 minutes ago
Yeah this number has called me more than 3 times in one day on more than one occasion. Never answered it but from the comments above it appears to be an insurance claim company.

pete 2 hours, 58 minutes ago
Ppi bastard
James H 2 hours, 59 minutes ago
Had a call from them, they "understand I had a non-fault accident claim in the last two years"... Wrong - said they wouldn't call back but time will tell.
Sue G 3 hours, 26 minutes ago
Silent call and its really getting on my nerves. Happening too often.
tess 3 hours, 56 minutes ago
exactly as the above said, no response when i said hello, then the line went dead!
Kathryne 4 hours, 30 minutes ago
Had a call, said they were there to help me reclaim admin costs from a closed pension scheme that I have, when I told him I wasn't interested he became abusive and said '...
Jen 5 hours, 11 minutes ago
Thank you :-)
char 5 hours, 27 minutes ago
Called me 7 times already today and its only 2pm. They never leave a message and call at all hours of night. Block them if you can.
KIERAN 5 hours, 39 minutes ago
This number has been calling periodically for the last five years or more.

Always a man asking for a Mr. Anderson; after many phone calls and explaining that no one of that name...
Daisy-Shropshire 6 hours, 43 minutes ago
Called. No message left. Blocked.
Brizol boy 7 hours, 4 minutes ago
AMBULANCE CHASERS - why don't you go jump in front of the ambulance you are chasing !!!!!!
Linda Percival 7 hours, 56 minutes ago
Get Mr Number app on your phone and you can block all these sorts of calls.
I filled up my phone block list so got Mr Number and just keep adding them -
look on here to see who c...
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