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Anonymous 4 minutes ago
Recorded msg.
Daniel 7 minutes ago
Got this call was an Escort Agency that has been shut down by police beware of this gang
TIggy 10 minutes ago
call centre trying to tell you phone time !!! now blocked
linda mcguigan 12 minutes ago
hung up when ancered
Peter 13 minutes ago
After many calls from both 01875587027 and 01733611027 the first one produced a human who identified herself as calling from AM Legal.

Went away politely when told I did not wis...
Sandra 14 minutes ago
This person or company have called me several times last year and this. I don't know the name they ask for when they call. It is annoying
Natalie 14 minutes ago
PPI Call apparently - couldn't make out company name as too much noise in the background
mousie 15 minutes ago
just had my second call from this number. No message-No idea who it is
Joe 16 minutes ago
Appears to be an automated dialler which plays a recorded message on connection. The message is an advert to enter a prize draw. Possibly a scam to glean personal information; I wo...
Kyra 18 minutes ago
Argos customer services
Lucas 19 minutes ago
Any chance to suit them? They're pain in the back! It's my private number I don't want them annoying me.
London Lady 20 minutes ago
I received a call from this number saying along the lines of 'Dear customer, if you would no longer like to receive your bank charges please press 5 and we will transfer you&#...
Richard 21 minutes ago
Received a call which I did not answer. No message left. Based on what I am reading here I will not be answering obviously as some sort of insurance scam which drives everyone'...
Steven 26 minutes ago
I get calls off them ans it once and it just cut off so dont bother now incase its a scam
Ann Walton 26 minutes ago
This number has just called me but don't know who it is and I did not pick up
fraggle77 27 minutes ago
This is brighter homes calling from wigan. Solar panels re government scheme For anyone wishing to report them
Anonymous 27 minutes ago
Rang by this number for one ring, then it hung up.
Adrienne Bunker 28 minutes ago
Recorded message from someone called Hazel. They rang twice on separate occasions. when I rang back all I got was music playing - wasting my time and costing me money. Not remotely...
David Barrett 29 minutes ago
Called about "My pension review".
As I receive one occupational pension who communicate with me in writing and another into which I contribute I have to assume that this...
Chaz Legion 30 minutes ago
Forgot to mention he knew my name too
Phil Macludgie 32 minutes ago
It's a scam call from Botswana saying that they are from your computer network [no specifics offered]. They tell you there is something wrong with your computer, but you can f...
Cyril 32 minutes ago
my wife had a phone call from 01269 839158 and when she said hello, no one answered. Seeing the comments above I would like to know if any adverse problems are likely to come our w...
deb 35 minutes ago
Received a call from these people today a lady called Rachel, said i had registered with them 3 years ago and was paying £3 a month through my debit card, i have never registered w...
C Duncan 37 minutes ago
Called me on my work mobile number then quickly disconnected.
I searched for the area code and found it was based in Manchester and since we have engineers working there now I ret...
A RODGERS. 37 minutes ago
It's a PPI company. Do not anwer
Mike 39 minutes ago
This is a survey from the 'UK Survey Group', which appear to be promoting life insurance. A man with what sounded like a heavy indian accent asked me questions about whic...
MrsO 42 minutes ago
This is Very's collection team - also call using 0121 629 0443 - who call all the time, day and night.

Whilst I admit I have to pay off arrears, they have given me until 6...
DA 43 minutes ago
Call from this number at 10.40 this morning. Silent until just as I was putting phone down a woman's voice whispered 'Goodbye'.
KOZE 43 minutes ago
Luk from London 47 minutes ago
Got 3 calls, one at 8am and one at 11am but was unable to pickup. I called back and there is no number availiable. The call is disconnected. Registered from Godaddy 2 days ago.
E 47 minutes ago
keep getting calls but no one there when I try to answer!!!!!!
Rich 50 minutes ago
Called , I answered but no response ?
Anonymous 52 minutes ago
called and hung up the fone when answered??
Lyndsey 55 minutes ago
Rang me from what sounded like a personal phone number, very dodgy sounding asking lots of private questions including had I been involved in a traffic accident. Not professional a...
Andy 55 minutes ago
This number keeps calling me, when I answer there is nobody there. Then I had another call and it turned out to be Vodaphone, this time I answered and acted dumb to seehow they lik...
mousie 56 minutes ago
Yet another call from this message left. that makes 8 calls in two days. I don't answer unknown numbers, but I can't block this on my landline
caz 58 minutes ago
I had a call from this number and the caller new my name. He claim I was owed money from PPI. He wanted my personal details. I told him I didn't have any loans and refused to ...
B Wright 58 minutes ago
Got this call a little earlier. after a slight delay of high pitched uncomfortable whistling down my ear, she got as far as , in her equaly high pitched whiny voice " Hello, I...
Mike 59 minutes ago
Called a short while ago and a few times previously in the last month. Never leaves a message. Perhaps 'Helen Sutton - CEO' would advise how she and her company's o...
Alan Jewell 1 hour, 1 minute ago
Had a call from this number, asking if I wanted to 'support the police' by having our church details in their publication. Basically, they are selling advertising space. ...
Anonymous 1 hour, 2 minutes ago
Called to say I was involved in a "bump"
dan 1 hour, 2 minutes ago
Called, hung up and when I called back I heard a fax tone - same for me too
Phone owner 1 hour, 6 minutes ago
Called my mobile but no one spoke.
Anonymous 1 hour, 8 minutes ago
EE, saying I could get £10 off broadband, she was rather rude actually.

TPS my arse
jake 1 hour, 12 minutes ago
Just got a call from this number said they where from CSG,(never heard of them)so i asked who they where they replied a consumer company.Told them not interested ,they said to me i...
David Woodhead 1 hour, 16 minutes ago
i keep getting calls from 0843 numbers and i am sick to the teeth of them, my phone is ex directory and i want to know who sold my number.
PS 1 hour, 17 minutes ago
As with person further up they told me I had borrows £5000 and was owed £1600. When I started to explain this was wrong the fellow just hung up!
Nikki 1 hour, 18 minutes ago
Had 2 phonecalls from this number does anyone no who they are
Linda 1 hour, 19 minutes ago
Constantly call, just cut them off each time now and put on my reject list
Steve 1 hour, 20 minutes ago
Similar experience. When I asked where the caller had got my name from I was told a debt collection agency which is not possible as I am lucky enough not to have any debts. After a...
Mike 1 hour, 20 minutes ago
This is the number they call you back on after receiving one of the numerous PPI anonymous calls asking you to press 5 for a call back. The guy was all up for it at the start but a...
Kirsty 1 hour, 22 minutes ago
Yes, this is Avon. Only reps should be bothered (I am, for my sins). From this number they're either calling to find out if everything is ok, or to try and get the reps to pur...
Tom Hodge 1 hour, 23 minutes ago
This number cold calls me to sell.
Nemo 1 hour, 24 minutes ago
SCAMMER! A male who sounded of Asian origin, and a voice which sounded like it was being electronically disguised. Claimed to be from BT Support, & asked to speak to the main...
PigletJohn 1 hour, 26 minutes ago
I did not answer as it is not a number in my phone book. It went to voicemail and they immediately rang off.
Rob 1 hour, 28 minutes ago
Missed call. Appears to be some pension report group, unsure where they got my number from.
C M 1 hour, 29 minutes ago
I answered and they said they were from BT. I asked why she did not use my landline and the call went dead
Anonymous 1 hour, 32 minutes ago
I received a call on my mobile at 10:46 today. I called back on a landline and was answered by what sounded like an overseas call centre for "BTC". I searched Google and ...
Maggie 1 hour, 34 minutes ago
PPI company - I have claimed back my PPI through the bank, as have most sensible people. This number is now blocked.
steve smith 1 hour, 34 minutes ago
Repeated calls 5 today already. Who is this?