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PeeJay Training 57 minutes ago
All I do is giggle and laugh hysterical.Iam following them as they try to win using this Scam
Matt 1 hour ago
Keep getting calls, ignore them but they have been phoning early morning, in the afternoon and most evenings.
Louise 1 hour, 49 minutes ago
I have a call everyday between 5-5.30 pm from 08437248761 on my mobile. My number has only been given to family and friends. It's only a basic mobile I use for emergencys. So ...
Dave 2 hours, 30 minutes ago
I got a call from this number at 8:40 on a Saturday evening saying my computer had a virus. I asked them what on earth they thought they were doing calling at such an unsociable ho...
Jen 2 hours, 33 minutes ago
Had a call from this number today, can hear people talking in the background but no-one speaks, tried to call back but number cannot receive incoming calls. I have had 8 calls in t...
Salter 3 hours ago
He owes me £££££
Jay 4 hours, 14 minutes ago
I' worked for cah not long ago so I'll answer your question for you. Cah obtaine there details from various opting data providers. This is information that is obtained by...
Sandy 4 hours, 24 minutes ago
Phoned me twice. Ask some inane questions, not sure what they are after. I am not deaf and have no hearing loss.
Bart 4 hours, 44 minutes ago
Missed it but thanks to all commenters
Bart 4 hours, 49 minutes ago
Missed Call
dougal 4 hours, 49 minutes ago
gonnae no phone me again. thanks.ah wont answer it now a know who you are.cheers!!
Anonymous 5 hours, 15 minutes ago
hung up as soon as i answered it. wondered if it might be a call back at £20 PER MINUTE JOB!!!
Sarah 5 hours, 35 minutes ago
Had several missed calls from 0131 561 4532 answered one of them and told them that I always opt out of telemarketing calls, that i was ex directory and registered with TPS, i got ...
roxanna 6 hours, 24 minutes ago
Please just stop bloody calling me!! 3 times calling me.. what the point & i aren't answer it & never will. Sad Fks!
Steffie Swaddling 6 hours, 29 minutes ago
Missed this call and they didn't leave a message. Don't know who it is
carol kennedy 6 hours, 29 minutes ago
Received a call from phone number 0141 258 2771 at 2.40 this morning. Who's number is it?
Anonymous 6 hours, 49 minutes ago
I had this number come up on my Caller ID. The true call guardian must have got stopped them as I did not hear the phone ring. i looked them up on the internet and found this sit...
P Simpson 7 hours, 8 minutes ago
About a delivery asked if I was then gave a name. I said no and he asked my name said none of his business then hung up after explaining I did not order a shop from Asda
Daisy Ellison 7 hours, 12 minutes ago
I must say that I have NOT contacted the RSPB And was not expecting this call
Trefor Jones 7 hours, 16 minutes ago
O2 sales line
Josie 7 hours, 35 minutes ago
001123456789 called twise today we have had this before asking who uses the computer and saying there is a technical problem. I asked the question where are you from and they just...
Anonymous 7 hours, 53 minutes ago
A woman with an Indian accent said she was from the technical dept of windows its about the computer. I hung up.
coleen 8 hours, 2 minutes ago
Annoying sales call about energy survey...........................rude person,
Gaz 8 hours, 15 minutes ago
This is Aqua Credit Card
Anonymous 8 hours, 28 minutes ago
Caller said they were not selling but wanted to ask me questions. I said no thankyou.
terry 8 hours, 35 minutes ago
called today saying it was soon as he said Microsoft I hung up
jb 8 hours, 42 minutes ago
This number has been calling - ringing once of twice then cutting off. I have had to unplug my landline, we are also registered with TPS but i can't complain as i have not bee...
Wayfarer 8 hours, 52 minutes ago
They seem to be a survey company. When they said they were doing a survey on my use of the Royal Bank of Scotland I told them I never discuss such things on the phone and hung up. ...
mr ross 9 hours, 13 minutes ago
called and said i was having trouble with my computer.i said i didn't have one was then asked if i had a laptop isaid no ,then they hung up
Callie 9 hours, 47 minutes ago
This company keeps ringing cannot remove number they are a nuisance surely someone can do something about it? Number is 08081781317
wendy pettifer 9 hours, 50 minutes ago
Number 01213297866 called
Donna 10 hours, 3 minutes ago
Have received calls from the number 02035 140237 over the past few weeks and when I answer Hello, there is no response.
I have now put caller blocked on my phone, and although thi...
Ed 10 hours, 15 minutes ago
Calling every 15m using various Numbers either 5 or 6 digits. 01992,011992,0441992,05001,sometimes listed as unknown caller. Getting pissed off. Strong Indian accent supposedly doi...
Bobb 10 hours, 30 minutes ago
Usual scam supposed Microsoft call advising they have detected issues with our PC and they want to help me fix the viruses eminating from my machine.
Anonymous 10 hours, 34 minutes ago
Yes they been ringing me since i had sky installed. regarding cover but my box is under 12 months warranty anyway so why would i want to waste money on cover. I dont answer now
Sarah Thomson 10 hours, 49 minutes ago
I keep getting calls from this company and it would appear that I am being charged on my pay as you go phone each time they call. How do I stop this
linda 10 hours, 52 minutes ago
Had several missed calls from this number. Eventually rang it back as I have a very sick relation and I thought it could be someone urgently trying to reach me. Found out it was ...
Sue from Oldham lancashire 11 hours, 1 minute ago
Called this morning at 11.00 am no message
Frustrated with TPS failure 11 hours, 6 minutes ago
Had a call from 'boiler assessment centre' who passed me to 'Victoria' a manager of 'heart and solar' who was selling upgrades,I stated strongly that ...
fedup 11 hours, 10 minutes ago
Calling several times a day - have given up answering the phone, it's like being stalked some days.
V Stone 11 hours, 21 minutes ago
Thank you Doug - you solved my mystery! The Boots Hearing Service has a dodgy auto-dialler that was inundating my mobile.
Bob 11 hours, 22 minutes ago
Who is this?
sir-mart 11 hours, 32 minutes ago
Received another postcard again, so I thought I would check the SCAM again ... and sure enough nothing has changed SAME number 02034328070 ( auto redirected to overseas location - ...
John Hurry 11 hours, 36 minutes ago
This number called me at 0630 on a Saturday morning!
Peter 11 hours, 51 minutes ago
I have blocked this on my iPhone, but if you have tim
e to spare and want to waste some of their time ... engage in conversation about what they did last night, where they are goi...
Mrs Patricia Lister 11 hours, 53 minutes ago
I received a call from this number however never answered it cause did not recognise it ,
Izzy 11 hours, 54 minutes ago
Keep getting called by this number, never answered, read comments above and I also went to reading but i don't think I signed up to any charity organisation while I was there....
John Mier 12 hours, 1 minute ago
I have been receiving calls from this number for some considerable time. I also receive calls from INTERNATIONAL and WITHHELD number as well as a variety of other numbers. I have l...
Big Al. 12 hours, 37 minutes ago
7 calls in 1 day from 11.15am till 5.45pm. they should be BARRED and our Government should get finger out and do something about these IDOITS.
Stan 12 hours, 42 minutes ago
Received many calls from this number - never answered. I investigated and found this to be a business called CCG(Central Claims Group)/CCO which uses a mixture of random calling a...
TKG 12 hours, 51 minutes ago
30 calls in 2 days. Rude staff, refusal to remove number from their database. I am determined to find a way to put an end to these calls and will share if I do - perhaps I am bei...
The Supporter Care team at Unicef UK 12 hours, 59 minutes ago
We've listened to all your feedback and have introduced a form on our website, so that you can tell us how you would prefer to be contacted by Unicef UK in the future: www.uni...
Amelia 13 hours, 5 minutes ago
Hi I'am Amelia, I'm from MOROCCO, I Get a call from 043431177777this morning and I wanna know who called me.
tasleem 13 hours, 13 minutes ago
Im currently getting an early conciliation from ACAS however they cant get through to John. Chances are if you worked for this place you wont be getting that money.
Anonymous 13 hours, 16 minutes ago
Market reserch in behaff of penicook windows talks about the window scrapage scheem
Anon 13 hours, 49 minutes ago
Who is this company?? Random mobile calls from someone who can't even pronounce my name. Very annoying
anon 13 hours, 51 minutes ago
They called me. I didn't answer.
veryoldyork 13 hours, 58 minutes ago
As above 2 rings and hung up.
No contact when answered
Geoff 14 hours, 10 minutes ago
O2 Phone upgrades. Had several calls over the last few days but I've always been too busy to speak. They are going to be really disappointed when I do because my lad now works...
Andrew 14 hours, 27 minutes ago
First call from this lot today, but same as Perfect Preferences and UK Choices - a survey that then let's them pass your details onto sales companies so that they can make sal...