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Tom 13 minutes ago
The guy who calls my number from 0161 820 5089, I think
has a personality problem. He or she never speaks. I don't
mind the mild exercise as long as the sad person is payin...
Jeremy 14 minutes ago
Instead of getting at the telemarketers (who are horrid people so don't care) or TPS that has little power; why not call or email your MP every time you get such a call demand...
Sally 15 minutes ago
I have just had a phone call off this number 02392505446 and it was a woman on the other side of the phone and I had to say hello twice until she spoke and she said her name and wh...
Martin 17 minutes ago
Just had a missed call from this number. Also good to know that I've avoided another nuisance call.
Robert 18 minutes ago
no 07711562942i would like to chop your fingers off then you could STOP pestering peopel or go and get a job pref on M6center lane li get some rest
H 19 minutes ago
I think it's tv licensing but I can't get through either.
David 19 minutes ago
unwanted, debt collection company, not required, unsolicited call.
lee 20 minutes ago
10 calls last 3 days off 01524741226 wont answer it though
helen 23 minutes ago
This number called me, now I can't get a dialling tone - it sounds engaged.
Debi 24 minutes ago
I have had 2 calls today with a recorded message telling me I qualify for a boiler.
I am registered with the telephone preference service and should not be getting these calls eve...
john 25 minutes ago
Had a missed call off this number, rang them back and the guy said the nameof the company which i didnt quite catch, but they are a company for small accidents on the road, he ask...
Paul 25 minutes ago
Answered the phone but no one there.
kay lawrence 27 minutes ago
Several times a we get called by this number getting fed up with it
Robert 27 minutes ago
im sick of this no its calling 5to7times a day dont no were got my no from but would like it to STOP
Anonymous 2 28 minutes ago
Same as above x three. Supposedly from Windows Technical about my computer
skymolly 28 minutes ago
This phone number is from Brightlight who work for The Cancer Trust going a survey
Mary 28 minutes ago
This is a telemarketing company, don't get into conversation with them
Kris 32 minutes ago
Number rang sounded like a dead line then I heard a beep followed by an automated GOODBYE. WTF
Anonymous 33 minutes ago
I do love the way everyone always states 'I'm on the TPS' it does not make a difference!! Your number is brought in bulk on CSV files as soon as the number is regist...
steve 35 minutes ago
Had these call me and I tried calling back its a very bad line of a recorded message think its a scam to get money tried searching esme no such company do not answer
Anonymous 35 minutes ago
Who's number is this ?
anne 36 minutes ago
Getting fed up with this number calling me
Paul Stevenson 38 minutes ago
Calls to my mobile that I don't recognize don't get answered and are added to my call blocker. This number has been added.
Sean 42 minutes ago
This number also texted me saying they were trying to ring someone else the. starting conversations. 6 texts sent with no response from me. Using the name mike also.
Porky 43 minutes ago
Got a call from this number, Indian sounding guy. Hung up when asked who he was.
Anonymous 46 minutes ago
Just received a phone call from someone (number is fake do not call) who said she was sorry I worked in a noisy place. However I do not and when I replied this, she hung up. I do n...
JW 47 minutes ago
07763713233 This number has called 11 times in under a week when I answer they hang up I have tried to ring and text back to complain but
get no response from it . It is getting a...
Sue 48 minutes ago
23rd July 5.26pm Sounded like a call centre in the background. Is that Mrs ***. I didn't say yes, just "can I help you", and they hung up. Don't like it whe...
johnny english 48 minutes ago
svs securities cfd traders. Will make you think your a stockbroker and will lose all your money for you like a real banker!
Ann 51 minutes ago
I am geeting calss from this number 3 or 4 times a day on my mobile when I am at work. I have preference calling on my mobile, but they just wont stop. What can I do
joe reilly 51 minutes ago
don't wish them to call anymore
Danny 52 minutes ago
Said were signal red trying to contact me, saying press 1......never did may be a charge!!!
bazza 52 minutes ago
all they said was goodbye
Mr haime 52 minutes ago
The fourth attempted call.
This time a man responded after a short wait, then hung up.
BJW 56 minutes ago
Just been called by this number and when I answered they hung up !
Fed up with these idiots 56 minutes ago
Just had call from this number while I was working overseas. Bunch of idiots - at least call cost them more!!! It is about time we had a concerted effort to really find out who the...
Deek 58 minutes ago
I answered the call no one there ignorant people !
Anon 58 minutes ago
I received two calls from them within 30mins. One from male, the other female. She asked similar question to yours. I queried whether she was calling from Darlington. She categ...
Chris Connor 58 minutes ago
They never admitted to me who they were however they were quite clearly in the same vein as the Mis-sold PPI lot. The agent on the phone spoke about package charges on a bank accou...
pb 59 minutes ago
this no rang mobile
Carrie 1 hour ago
Just had a call from "The Department of Budget and Spending Analysis" advising that I am "entitled to a refund". Apparently the average payout if £1000(!) Qui...
karen 1 hour ago
constant calling no answer ,husband works night there should be a law that you can claim loss of earnings due to lack of sleep
Mike Logan 1 hour, 1 minute ago
Funnily enough - a Nuisance Call from some outfit saying they can stop them. Touting their Postcode Alert (as someone else said) This is a real trigger. Phone lines these days are ...
Denise 1 hour, 1 minute ago
First time receiving a call from this number and no voicemail message left
Bill 1 hour, 2 minutes ago
Number rang and caller hung up immediately on answer.
unhappy 1 hour, 5 minutes ago
just had a call from Lifestyle uk.. EVERYDAY around 17.00 How do we stop them. Wont remove number until some questions are answered. They are just a pain the ---

Help what ...
mat stabler 1 hour, 6 minutes ago
I had a call from 01943 593784 claiming to be from the department of budget and spending analysis. They said I may be due a refund because I had a premium bank account I said that ...
Nikki 1 hour, 6 minutes ago
I am off work sick today and so far I have had 3 calls from this number disturbing me. I do not owe Avon any money and I don't have to process my order until tomorrow. Bah!
PG 1 hour, 7 minutes ago
Received a call from this number but no message left and no one answered when I rang it back!!!
Anonymous 1 hour, 8 minutes ago
Didn't say anything so I hung up.
Mick M 1 hour, 10 minutes ago
Tea time and this company called. I answered the phone and it was silent for about 6 seconds before the line went dead. We have been with the TPS for many years but TPS is useless...
donna 1 hour, 11 minutes ago
They have called my number 7 times today and I've received 4 messages saying to ring this number to proceed with my loan that I haven't even applied for, there number is ...
stu 1 hour, 11 minutes ago
spam call, no busines name registered with this numberv (data protetion!!). it is from norwich, contact the local council concering this maicious cold call.Not able to follow up an...
emma 1 hour, 13 minutes ago
This number came up on my mobile, didn't recognise the number so answered it, said nothing and it hung up. Would think a voice-activated stupid PPI or insurance or some annoy...
lou 1 hour, 15 minutes ago
Got a missed call today from this number. I recently and stupidly filled out a form to apply for free mobile phone testing and reviews with the promise that data wont be shared, bu...
avi 1 hour, 16 minutes ago
I have same problem calling me like 5 time a day
Phill 1 hour, 18 minutes ago
Called from this number today from a legal company saying they had been asked to call regarding a minor accident my wife had had recently. This was not the case and was infact a ca...
J 1 hour, 20 minutes ago
I've had few calls saying they from Windows and was I sitting in front of my computer, if fault doesn't get sorted i'd lose all data I told them not to worry i'...
Devon wants nothing to do with Plymouth idiots 1 hour, 20 minutes ago
3 calls today, bunch of whatsits, missed 2, third was silent they waited about 10 seconds before hanging up

what is their problem, anyone have any details on this firm so we c...
Ted 1 hour, 21 minutes ago
I have had the exact same call. I'm sure it was the same guy judging by the terminology used. 'I've been passed this file sir; currently sitting on my desk, which ...